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Cardi B Responded To People Who Called Her Out For Her Thanksgiving Dinner With 37 People, And It's Quite The Roller-Coaster Ride

"Anyone behaving this way during a pandemic deserves to be dragged."

Thanksgiving was just three days ago, so many of us are still enjoying that holiday spirit. And Cardi B is no different!

Cardi B wearing a suit and blonde wig
Paras Griffin / Getty Images

Today the 28-year-old tweeted that no fewer than 12 kids and 25 adults were over to celebrate Turkey Day. And, I quote, "It was lit."

12kids and 25 adults over the was lit !!

This wasn't Cardi's only recent event that totally disregarded CDC guidelines. Last month, she earned major backlash for her crowded 28th birthday party where people weren't socially distancing or wearing masks.

If you're anything like me, you probably read that and thought, Wow. 37 people over seems A BIT EXCESSIVE during a FREAKING PANDEMIC. And I wasn't alone in that conclusion:

@iamcardib Those poor healthcare workers in your area

@iamcardib Sis I love you but anyone behaving this way during a pandemic deserves to be dragged

@iamcardib i hope it was worth it for you and those 25 adults and 12 kids. i truly hope it was because i can promise you it’s not worth it to everyone else who is affected by your poor choices aka the healthcare workers who you will run to when you’re sick.

Cardi saw the immediate backlash and quickly stated that she "spent soo much money getting [everyone] tested":

Sorry my bad wasn’t trying to make nobody feel bad.I just had my family in my home for the first time and it felt so good & uplifted me .I spent soo much money getting every1 tested but it felt worth it.I wasnt trying to offend no1.

According to the CDC, "If you test negative, you probably were not infected at the time your sample was collected. The test result only means that you did not have COVID-19 at the time of testing. Continue to take steps to protect yourself."

Just for the record: I still think having 37 people over to your house (even with the testing) is a bad idea during a pandemic! And so does the CDC!

Warner Bros.

Testing isn't 100% accurate, and public health officials say you shouldn't use it as an excuse to hang out. In fact, the Los Angeles Times stated, "If a person is tested shortly after becoming infected but before the virus has reproduced enough copies of itself, a test could fail to detect the virus and produce a false negative result."

Once Cardi clarified, some people were quick to support the rapper:

@RudeyRav @iamcardib Girl she really shouldn't apologize but I love the fact that she addresses shit. We have receipts to show em almost everytime now

@iamcardib Stop apologizing. You have been following protocols and people would do the same if they could. Some of these people didn't spend the holidays with their family before COVID.

While others maintained this was not a good look:

@iamcardib Bragging about your large gathering during a pandemic to your millions of impressionable fans who do not have the money that you have to get rapid tests is irresponsible

@Chrishell7 @iamcardib This is like when Kim Kardashian announced that she had a party for her 40th. You can’t tell people to do their part and then use your privilege to get around it. That’s why people tell celebrities to stay in their lane. an expression I hate by the way!

What do you think about this whole mess? LMK in the comments below!

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