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    I'm Legit Dancing Because Cardi B Just Landed Her First Lead Role In A Movie


    Hey, Bardi Gang! I've got some amazing news for you!

    Cardi B just landed her first lead role in a movie!!!

    All I can say is IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME!

    According to Variety, the upcoming film, Assisted Living, tells the story of Amber, a crook on the run. After a heist goes wrong, she hides out in disguise as an elderly woman at her grandma's nursing home.

    Fans are freaking stoked, and we support this with our whole damn hearts:

    @PopCrave @iamcardib @Variety PURRR COMEDY QUEEN

    Twitter: @BardiJlo

    @ChadamFan1 @Variety Look at CARDI being a boss. Omg YASSSS🤩

    Twitter: @ItsOnlyMare92

    @PopCrave @iamcardib @Variety ngl she would do amazing in it bc she's actually funny irl

    Twitter: @rryz28

    WAP= working at Paramount. 😭

    Twitter: @hosthetics

    Can't wait to watch your film, Cardi! I know you're gonna kill it!!