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    I'm Legit Dancing Because Cardi B Just Landed Her First Lead Role In A Movie


    Hey, Bardi Gang! I've got some amazing news for you!

    Leon Bennett / Getty Images

    Cardi B just landed her first lead role in a movie!!!

    Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

    All I can say is IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME!


    I've been waiting for this moment since she showed off those acting chops in Hustlers!

    According to Variety, the upcoming film, Assisted Living, tells the story of Amber, a crook on the run. After a heist goes wrong, she hides out in disguise as an elderly woman at her grandma's nursing home.

    Steven Ferdman / Getty Images

    Fans are freaking stoked, and we support this with our whole damn hearts:

    @PopCrave @iamcardib @Variety PURRR COMEDY QUEEN

    Twitter: @BardiJlo

    @ChadamFan1 @Variety Look at CARDI being a boss. Omg YASSSS🤩

    Twitter: @ItsOnlyMare92

    @PopCrave @iamcardib @Variety ngl she would do amazing in it bc she's actually funny irl

    Twitter: @rryz28

    WAP= working at Paramount. 😭

    Twitter: @hosthetics

    Can't wait to watch your film, Cardi! I know you're gonna kill it!!


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