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    I Just Realized The Prince In "Bridgerton" Is Actually Cormac McLaggen, And My Mind Is Officially Blown

    How did I miss this?!

    If you fell head over heels for Bridgerton, you are not alone, my friend. I ate up everything about the show: the costumes, the romance, and — let's be honest — every single scene with Regé-Jean Page, aka Simon, the Duke of Hastings.

    But I was so busy staring into the duke's gorgeous eyes that I completely missed something HUGE.

    You remember Prince Friedrich, the nephew of Queen Charlotte?

    Well, he is played by Freddie Stroma, who is none other than CORMAC MCLAGGEN from Harry Potter!!!

    That's right! The sweet prince who nearly marries Daphne is the same insufferable jerk who annoys the crap out of Hermione and Ron!

    Now that I'm looking at Cormac and Friedrich side by side, I feel like I should have recognized him. But those sideburns really threw me off!

    Kudos to you, Freddie, for your obviously underrated acting skills. I hope to see much more of you in the future!