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    19 Movies About Black Love That Everyone Should See

    "I love that the male lead is drawn to her for her strength and determination."

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community for their favorite movies about Black love. Here are the submissions that we think everyone should see:

    1. If Beale Street Could Talk

    Annapurna Pictures

    "This movie explores Tish and Fonny's tender relationship and how they deal with the racism that Black folks faced during the '70s (and still face today). The aesthetic filming and endearing characters balanced with the heavy plot make for a wonderful cinematic experience."


    2. Nappily Ever After


    "As a Black woman, the struggle in accepting your natural hair is a journey, and this story beautifully shows the ups and downs we deal with. For me, it wasn’t about the romantic story, though Will was a great character who helped Violet realize her beauty once she accepted her natural hair. For me, the true Black love story was Violet falling in love with her hair and understanding that it’s hers to do with as she pleases."


    3. Love and Basketball

    New Line Cinema

    "Hands down, it’s the perfect movie from start to finish. And the soundtrack is still my #1 because every single song resonates."


    4. Love Jones

    New Line Cinema

    "It helped define my generation."


    "You can’t go wrong with Nia Long or Larenz Tate. The ending was great because it doesn’t give us that Hollywood happy ending, but a realistic one showing two people willing to really fight for a relationship."


    5. Phat Girlz

    Searchlight Pictures

    "I love the relationship between Jazmin and Tunde. He shows her that she is beautiful and sexy. He also treats her like a queen and helps her realize she should be kinder to herself."


    6. Beyond the Lights

    Relativity Media

    "I absolutely love this movie! When they go away together, Noni takes out her hair extensions and looks so nervous waiting for Kaz’s reaction, and he simply walks up to her and kisses her... I melt every time."


    7. Waiting to Exhale

    20th Century Fox

    "It truly gets at the love of oneself and friends."


    8. Last Holiday


    "Such a great rom com with Queen Latifah and LL Cool J. Got plenty of comedy, a little action, but such a touching, warm, and positive movie. And a happy ending!"


    9. Two Can Play That Game

    Screen Gems

    "Vivica A. Fox and Morris Chestnut are total babes. Great comedy and great chemistry between them. The movie also has a great supporting cast including Mo’Nique and Anthony Anderson."


    10. The Photograph


    "It's just lovely to see a chocolate woman get some love too."


    11. Boomerang


    "It's refreshing to see a man get a taste of his own medicine. It's also nice to see him change his whole outlook on life when a perfectly nice woman shows him how love really should be. I also like the brotherly/platonic love between Marcus and his best friends."


    12. Poetic Justice


    "Love Tupac!"


    13. Coming to America


    "This movie so cute, and James Earl Jones is always a bonus."


    14. Jason's Lyric

    Gramercy Pictures

    "Can someone say steamy?! But aside from that, I like the gentle love story juxtaposed with the main character's tragic backstory and disintegrating relationship with his troubled brother."


    15. Hav Plenty


    "Hav Plenty is one of those movies that still holds up to this day. It was made with such care, and you can see that in small details throughout the film, and how it mirrors the main characters in it."


    16. The Salon

    CodeBlack Entertainment

    "The romantic part was cheesy, but the love that the main character has for her son and her friends shines. I love that the male lead is drawn to her for her strength and determination, unlike so many shallow movie men."


    17. Always A Bridesmaid

    Black Waterhorse

    "It was such a great movie, and I loved watching Corina and Mark’s relationship progress. I think they were perfect for each other."


    18. Deliver Us From Eva

    Focus Features

    "This movie is so much fun! Love it."


    19. Moonlight


    "This film was perfect. It was a beautiful story, and it’s definitely one of my favorite movies of all time."


    Note: some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    What are your favorite movies about Black love? Let us know in the comments below!