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Billie Eilish Just Won Her Sixth Grammy At The Age Of 19

When I was 19 years old, I could barely remember to make my bed.

To no one's surprise, Billie Eilish has won another Grammy!!

Billie holding multiple Grammys backstage
Rachel Luna / FilmMagic / Getty Images

This is the SIXTH Grammy for the 19-year-old. So cool!!

“No Time to Die” — the song written by our favorite brother and sister duo for the pandemic-delayed James Bond movie of the same name — won for Best Song Written for Visual Media!

Billie and Finneas’ acceptance speech for “Best Song Written For Visual Media” at the #GRAMMYs

Twitter: @billieeilishtrs

This is the first time in history a song for an unreleased movie has won!

"Oh my god! Um, what?!" the singer exclaimed during their acceptance speech. "Thank you so much. That's so insane."

Billie smiling in shock with her brother beside her

"It was a dream to make this song, to work on this. I have no words. I can't believe this is real. I couldn't believe it was real then. My god, that's crazy," she concluded.


"Thanks, Billie, for letting me write this song with you. I feel very lucky to be your brother," Finneas said.


Aww! This is so precious.

Obviously, Billie's fans celebrated across the internet:

billie eilish winner of how many grammy's?

Twitter: @xblohsh

i believe in billie eilish supremacy #GRAMMYs

Twitter: @karlasmanners

Billie Eilish has 6 Grammys at 19 the fuckin POWERRRR THIS GIRL HAS

Twitter: @maemuller_

Congratulations, Billie and Finneas! So happy for you both!!



Billie also won Record of the Year for "Everything I Wanted," making it her seventh Grammy.

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