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    17 Things That People Consider "Kindness" But Are Actually Just The Bare Minimum

    "Returning the money you saw a stranger drop."

    We all know that the bar for being a good person is basically on the floor, right?


    Well, Reddit user u/AmongUsDongBot recently posed the question, "What is something that is considered kindness but is just basic human decency?"

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    And there were so many excellent responses! Here are some of the things that every human being on the planet should be doing just because it's the right thing to do:

    1. "Being polite to retail and service workers. No idea how someone could just be openly rude to a complete stranger who’s just doing their job, but it’s tragically common."


    2. "Bringing things to Lost and Found at events."


    3. "Cleaning up after yourself after eating at a fast food place. Don’t leave your bags and trash scattered all over the table, for fuck's sake."


    Trash left on a table
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    4. "Letting people choose if they wish to disclose certain information to others or not (and respecting their decision either way)."


    5. "Defending someone getting bullied."


    6. "Waiting your turn in line."


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    7. "Being responsible for the kids you chose to create."


    "A dad being a dad to their child. 'How kind of your husband to watch your child while you run errands!' Yeah, he's a great guy, but he's my child's father... Why wouldn't he take care of our kid??"


    8. "Helping someone pick something up that they dropped (no matter if they’re old or not)."


    9. "At the grocery store, letting the person behind you with five things go ahead of you when your whole cart is filled up."


    A person with a cart full of groceries waiting their turn
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    10. "Apologizing when you bump into someone on the street."


    11. "Being patient with people. I'm not very good at it, but I'm trying because in my mind that's How to Human 101."


    12. "Holding the door for fucking anyone."


    A person holding the door open for the person behind them
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    13. "Letting an older person or someone who is disabled have your seat in the waiting room."


    "Or on public transit. It doesn't need to be loud or high and mighty. Just quietly offer."


    14. "Returning the money you saw a stranger drop."


    15. "Saying 'thank you' to anyone who has done a service for me, like a bus driver, barber, or doctor."


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    16. "Treating the homeless like people."


    17. And finally, "Returning a shopping cart."


    "Shopping carts are the true asshole test. What will people do when offered no repercussions or reward for completing a menial task?"


    A shopping cart left in the middle of a parking lot
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    Can you think of any other "kind" acts that are actually just basic human decency? Sound off in the comments below!

    Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.