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    This Woman Combines Makeup And Murder Mystery Stories, And The Results Are Seriously Compelling

    "I enjoy trying to figure out what the patterns are in serial killers."

    True crime stories are popular for a reason: They're creepy and suspenseful, but oddly compelling. Now, YouTube star Bailey Sarian is combining these scary stories with something completely unexpected: makeup.

    Bailey with dark smokey-eye makeup
    Bailey Sarian

    Bailey began her makeup career at Sephora, moved on to Urban Decay, then assisted on looks in music videos for celebs like Demi Lovato and Sia before launching her Murder, Mystery & Makeup series.

    Bailey smiling and talking with heavy makeup

    She starts her videos with a fresh face sans makeup and shows viewers each step of her glam process.

    Bailey without makeup and with full makeup

    While she works on the looks, she tells true stories about mysteries and murderers she's researched.

    Bailey saying, "Very heavy story, I think we can all agree."

    Bailey told BuzzFeed, "I have been interested in true crime since as long as I can remember!"

    Bailey smiling with colorful makeup

    "Back in 2018, I started following this awful story, the Chris Watts case, and would spend hours trying to figure out what happened. I had collected all this information about the case but had nobody to talk to about it."

    Bailey holding her hands to her head and saying, "I was up late at night, just trying to understand how, why?"

    "Finally, in January 2019, I thought I would just do my makeup and talk about all the information I had learned about the Chris Watts case for anyone out there who maybe was obsessed with it like I was."

    Bailey saying, "He's in prison for life."

    Bailey is quirky and funny by nature, but she does her best to always maintain respect for the victims. She also uses her platform to raise awareness for mental health.

    She says her favorite part of all this is "trying to figure out what the patterns are in serial killers. What their upbringing was like, who they were/are as a person. I find it extremely interesting."

    Bailey talking with heavy makeup

    You can watch Bailey's Murder, Mystery & Makeup videos here.

    Bailey looking at the camera with light makeup
    Bailey Sarian

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