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    These Unpopular "Avatar: The Last Airbender" Opinions Will Make You See The Show In A Whole New Light

    "Toph and Mai should’ve been endgame."

    1. Zutara is obviously far superior to Kataang.


    "Katara and Aang shouldn’t have ended up together. Katara had such a motherly instinct towards Aang that it just felt weird for them to end up together. Katara and Zuko: now there’s a ship I’ll sink with. They had so many moments together that felt like they were leading to a romantic relationship. The Crystal Catacombs, when they sought out Katara’s mother’s killer, and going together to fight Azula. ZUKO TOOK A LIGHTNING BLAST FOR HER. Not to mention yin and yang! That was a whole plot point with the moon and ocean fish in the Season 1 finale. Fire and water, yin and yang. It would've been so good."

    Danielle Hedin

    2. Katara is actually an incredibly selfish human being.


    "Katara was the WORST character in the whole series. She had zero personal growth and remained a whiny baby the entire time. She had zero empathy for those around her and just used the 'they killed my mother' excuse for every little thing she did. Becoming the Painted Lady was also a super selfish thing to do. She knew that they had a more important mission and her helping out that village was not an act of kindness. Her being mad at her dad for going to fight in a war was also super annoying. Honestly, she was just bad overall."


    3. Aang taking away Ozai's bending is beyond stupid.


    "Aang taking away Ozai’s bending instead of killing him was a dangerously stupid and selfish move. He remains true to his values as an Air Nomad, but Ozai still holds political and military strength without his bending."


    "Energybending was a total deus ex machina. The ending was still good, but giving Aang such an easy out with his moral dilemma was lazy."


    4. Toph and Mai would have made a wonderful couple.


    "Toph and Mai should’ve been endgame. I know that Mai is older than her, but they have so much in common. They were both born into powerful political families, they’re both amazing fighters, and they’re both emotionally guarded but open up to the people that they care about. They honestly would have been really cute together, and they would’ve been good for each other."


    5. Aang choosing Katara over the Avatar State is a mistake.


    "Aang should have sacrificed his love for Katara. He was training with that guru dude to control the Avatar State, but at the last hurdle, he lost it because he refused to give up his love for Katara. By letting his love go, he would be making a huge sacrifice (good for the plot) without compromising his morals about killing (good for the character), and would leave a clear path for Katara and Zuko to end up together (good for my soul). It would have brought the whole story full circle as it began when Aang let his personal feelings get in the way of his duties by running away and accidentally turning into a human icicle, so it should have ended with Aang putting his duties as Avatar before everything else."


    6. Uncle Iroh is not the wise, kindhearted old man that everyone makes him out to be.


    "Iroh is a terrible mentor. He tells Zuko not to follow the destiny his father laid out, but then Iroh makes no effort to hide the fact that he wants Zuko to help the Avatar rather than capture him. He's in effect doing the same thing Ozai is. Even worse, Iroh projects his son vicariously through Zuko. He doesn't want Zuko to grow into himself, but rather the man Iroh wants him to be."


    "The fanbase puts Iroh on too high of a pedestal. Refusing to fight Ozai when he was told that he was only one to stop him at the time was just weird. Also, his advice isn’t always great: telling Aang to give up the power that can save the world for Katara was terrible advice."


    7. Azula deserves some redemption, too, dammit!


    "Azula was a more complex and interesting character than Zuko, and she deserved a redemption arc. Her falling apart leading up to her coronation after the desertion of Mai and Ty Lee is the most compelling part of the finale."


    8. Sokka is the glue of the squad, but no one gives him any credit.


    "Sokka deserves soooo much better. He's literally the most underrated character. The team would be nothing without him keeping people levelheaded, healing group tensions, and providing comic relief but being serious when he needs to be. He makes every single plan to invade the Fire Nation. The characters never give him the respect he deserves, people still disregard him in the end, and he never gets the chance at an epic sword battle since he mastered the art."


    9. Zuko should not go through this whole emotional evolution just to end up with Mai.


    "Mai was a really disappointing choice for Zuko. I don’t exactly dislike Mai as a character — she was strong-willed and a skilled fighter — but they never actually had chemistry, and their romance never developed. Their most romantic moment was 'I don’t hate you' and 'I don’t hate you either.' Zuko's story is so focused on his emotional journey and development. To pair him with such a flat character was a disservice."


    10. Jet and Zuko are absolutely meant to be.


    "Isn't it obvious? Jet and Zuko should have ended up together. Jet should have had a chance to change and realize he is in love with Zuko, duh."


    11. Aang is a problematic protagonist.


    "Aang was kinda problematic at times. He tried to push his own belief system onto Katara, he let her do all of the emotional labor in their relationship, and he kept kissing her despite the fact that she was not interested. Also, when Katara and Sokka had a chance to see their father, whom they had not seen in TWO YEARS, Aang hid the map from them!"


    12. Mai is a badass girl who deserves more respect.


    "Mai loves Zuko more than she fears Azula and is an awesome character. She isn't emotionless but was raised by toxic parents who told her to behave as a political puppet. Y'all are just projecting yourself onto any available sunshine surrounding Zuko and want to bone him."


    13. Katara should have embraced bloodbending.


    "Katara should have used blood blending and not have been afraid of it. It’s a scary skill, but it could have ended the war faster and destroyed enemies without casualties."


    14. Suki should be showered with way more love and recognition.


    "Suki is the most underrated character on the show. She’s loyal to her village and will die for her friends. She took on Azula, Ty Lee, and Mai more than once. During the escape from Boiling Rock, she fought off firebending guards and took the prison warden hostage all on her own. She’s not even a bender; she’s just a brave and talented Kyoshi Warrior!"


    15. Toph and Sokka would have been a dream come true.


    "Toph and Sokka honestly should’ve been endgame. Suki’s nice and all, but Toph and Sokka had such adorable chemistry, and Toph’s little crush on Sokka was too hard to resist!"

    yuh get into it

    16. Aang does not deserve his loyal fanbase.


    "Aang was a terrible Avatar: he was selfish, self-entitled, and unreliable. Throughout three seasons, he was more destructive than he was productive. He never had the guts it took to be a great Avatar, and he never will. Compared to Katara, he was practically useless. If it weren't for Team Aang, Aang himself wouldn't be as beloved as he is."


    17. Yue is a way better match for Sokka than Suki.


    "I feel like Sokka and Yue were a far better couple than Sokka and Suki were. They were okay, don’t get me wrong, but it just seemed like Sokka and Yue had a stronger connection and were true soulmates."


    18. Toph is just a giant butthead.


    "Toph is a giant asshole a lot of the time. She has some redeeming qualities, but so many times she’s rude and uncooperative. I don’t think she should’ve faulted Katara for trying to keep everyone in line. When she and Katara had that huge argument, I totally took Katara’s side."


    19. Boys openly crying is one of the best parts of the show.


    "Can we all agree the creators/writers were amazing for normalizing boys crying? It honestly opened my eyes when I watched it as a kid."


    20. It's really dumb to wish that Zuko and Katara got together.


    "Zutara makes no sense and is overrated. They hated each other for 80% of the show, and Katara would NEVER marry into the nation that's responsible for her mom's death and the genocide of her people. They're hot, but that's all."


    21. Bloodbending shouldn't even be a thing.


    "I don't like bloodbending. The episode where it's introduced is awesome, and it's definitely really cool to watch, but it sort of disrupts the world of Avatar. If waterbenders can control people through their blood, can airbenders control the oxygen in your blood? Can earthbenders control the iron in your blood? Can airbenders just suck the air out of your lungs in battle? The world of Avatar always seemed to have this unspoken rule of benders having autonomy over their own bodies. Bloodbending, while awesome, sort of ruined that for me."


    22. Jet is the most underrated character of the entire show.


    "Jet is a complex and amazingly written character. I think he gets a lot of hate because of his cold-heartedness toward the Fire Nation, but he has a very tragic storyline. He defended his kingdom blindly to the point of paranoia. The sad thing is he didn’t even get definitive evidence that Iroh and Zuko are firebenders. Even worse is that he died at the hands of Long Feng, who was pretty much the leader of the nation he so blindly followed. The ironic and tragic way he died gets me every time."


    23. Aang and Katara's relationship is beyond lame.


    "The show ending with Aang and Katara officially getting together was a huge disservice to their characters. I would've much rather seen Aang devote himself to being history's most revolutionary Avatar and Katara breaking boundaries as a renowned female waterbending master. The two of them worked so hard in all three seasons just for the final focus to be on their uncomfortable, forced relationship."


    "Aang and Katara are the Ron and Hermione of Avatar: entirely too forced."


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