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    Asian Celebrities Are Speaking Out About Their Experiences, And We Need To Listen

    "Wake up...your Asian friends and family are deeply scared."

    Last week, the country mourned as eight people were killed — six of whom were Asian women — when a white shooter opened fire inside three Atlanta spas. The following day, two elderly Asian people were attacked in San Francisco.

    Elijah Nouvelage / Getty Images

    But this violence against the Asian community isn't new. According to California State University's Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, anti-Asian hate crimes increased 149% in 2020. And this needs to stop!

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    Here are some Asian celebrities who are sharing their experiences and speaking out against Asian hate:

    1. Lana Condor: "Your Asian friends and family are deeply scared, horrified, sick to their stomachs and wildly angry."

    Wake up... your Asian friends and family are deeply scared, horrified, sick to their stomachs and wildly angry. Please please please check in on us, please please please stand with us. Please. Your Asian friend needs you, even if they aren’t publicly grieving on social media. x

    Lana Condor / Twitter: @lanacondor

    2. Olivia Munn: "You wanna talk mental health? Let's talk about how there's a mental health crisis about living in a country that attacks you just for being you."

    3. Sandra Oh: "I am devastated and profoundly angry."

    4. Daniel Dae Kim: "To those with the power to help and yet sit idly by, your silence is complicity."

    5. Ashley Park: "I'm so tired of people not knowing what's going on."

    6. John Cho: "The pandemic is reminding us that our belonging is conditional. One moment we are Americans, the next we are all foreigners, who 'brought' the virus here."

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    You can read John's full LA Times essay here.

    7. Naomi Osaka: "The fact that this topic is not very widely covered makes me concerned."

    The amount of hate, racism, and blame for COVID towards the Asian community is disgusting. The fact that this topic is not very widely covered makes me concerned. I only found videos and information because I was scrolling through my IG feed and by some algorithm it appeared.

    Naomi Osaka / Twitter: @naomiosaka

    8. Charles Melton: "I will no longer remain silent about my lived experience. The hate crimes that have swept the country have forced me to realize how important the platform I have is and the responsibility that comes with it."

    Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

    You can read Charles' full Variety essay here.

    9. Jeannie Mai: "I am enraged. This coward blamed a specific race for his problems. He sought out Asian women. He murdered them. THIS WAS A HATE CRIME AGAINST ASIAN WOMEN."

    10. Chrissy Teigen: "I am proud to be Asian American. Always."

    11. Gemma Chan: "Racism and misogyny are not mutually exclusive. In fact, sexualized racial harassment and violence is something that many of us face regularly."

    12. Sherry Cola: "I've always felt foreign if I'm being candid/ So aware growing up that my eyes were slanted/ Kids flipping me off, and I didn't understand it/ The old me used to let the hatred slide/ But now, I'm filled with Asian pride."

    13. Awkwafina: "Remember them."

    14. Simu Liu: "Feeling overwhelming grief at the senseless murder of eight people in Atlanta."

    Feeling overwhelming grief at the senseless murder of 8 people in Atlanta. Still much we don't know, but it's clear to me that the shooter specifically targeted Asian women. Praying for the victims' families, and for my Asian sisters. Action to follow.

    Simu Liu/ Twitter: @SimuLiu

    15. Jeremy Lin: "Being an Asian American doesn't mean we don't experience poverty and racism. Being a nine-year NBA veteran doesn't protect me from being called 'coronavirus' on the court."

    Jeremy Lin/ Facebook: jeremylin7

    16. Lucy Liu: "I know we can be better than this. We must be."

    17. Kimora Lee Simmons: "Racism is a disease."

    18. And finally, Jamie Chung: "Historically, Asian immigrants have been the scapegoat for others misfortunes. This ends now."

    My heart goes out to the victims and their families. These murders and countless acts of violence and the destruction of businesses and white terrorism in our communities are the direct cause of politicians and leaders fanning the flames of anti Asian rhetoric and using us as...

    Jamie Chung/ Twitter: @jamiechung1

    a scapegoat for a global pandemic. Historically Asian immigrants have been the scapegoat for others misfortunes. This ends now. It starts by calling it what it is. MEDIA YOU NEED TO DO BETTER, CALL IT WHAT IT IS, DOMESTIC TERRORISM HATE CRIMES AGAINST ASIANS. #stopasianhate

    Jamie Chung/ Twitter: @jamiechung1

    Thank you to all these celebrities for sharing your experiences and demanding an end to this violence. #StopAsianHate.

    And check out this post to find out ways that you can help!

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