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Updated on Jul 6, 2020. Posted on Jul 3, 2020

If You Can Honestly Say Yes To These 10 Questions, You're A Millennial

Millennials, it's your time to shine.

  1. Did you grow up listening to the delightful music of Destiny’s Child or NSYNC?

    Columbia / Trans Continental and RCA
  2. Did you ever make friendship bracelets/anklets with your besties?

    Getty Images
  3. Have you ever attended a Harry Potter movie or book midnight premiere?

    Warner Bros.
  4. Have you ever gone to a music store to listen to samples of CDs on the headphones?

    Getty Images
  5. Did you ever rock streamers on your bike’s handlebars, thinking you were oh so cool?

  6. Growing up, did you think Kid Cuisine was the pinnacle of culinary achievement?

  7. Have you ever written on a VHS tape in Sharpie?

    Getty Images
  8. Did you ever fall victim to the jelly sandals craze?

    The Children's Place
  9. Do you remember timing your bathroom breaks with commercials so you didn’t miss a minute of your favorite show?

    Getty Images
  10. Did you ever think candy necklaces were the height of fashion?

    Getty Images

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