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11 Characters In A Love Triangle Who Chose The Right Person And 11 Who Messed Up Big Time

Trust me: three's a crowd.

I'll be honest: I'm a sucker for a good love triangle. Who isn't? When movies end with the ideal couple together, you can find me dancing around my living room in celebration.

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But some love triangles leave me disappointed and just wondering... why?! So let's go back and figure out which love triangles ended perfectly and which ended up just plain wrong.

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1. Let's start with an easy one: Edward was clearly the right choice for Bella in Twilight.

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Jacob had nothing on Edward. Our beloved Mr. Cullen waited for nearly a century to find the love of his eternal life, and he stopped at nothing to ensure her happiness and protection. He was thoughtful, romantic, and a wonderful father to Renesmee. He even wrote Bella her own lullaby! What more could a girl want?

2. But Ron ending up with Hermione from the Harry Potter series was a complete letdown, and I won't be persuaded otherwise.

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Let's not pretend that Ron even came close to deserving Hermione. When Viktor Krum asked her to the Yule Ball, he became a jealous butthead, and that would remain a constant theme in their relationship. It'd be silly to assume Viktor was the perfect man since we didn't know him well, but I'd prefer him to Ron. Hell, I'd prefer ANYONE to Ron. Even J. K. Rowling said she regretted pairing them together and that Hermione should have ended up with Harry.

3. Noah and Allie were destined for one another in The Notebook.

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Noah's heart belonged to Allie from the moment he set eyes on her in the bumper cars. Even after a year of unanswered love letters (since her horrible mother intercepted the envelopes), he built Allie's dream house, complete with white paint and blue shutters. He never gave up on her, not even when she got dementia in her old age. I wish Allie hadn't cheated on Lon, who was a decent guy, but I am glad she listened to her heart instead of her parents.

4. But Katniss straight messed up by choosing Peeta over Gale in The Hunger Games.


Gale was the OG. He was always there for Katniss and Prim while they grew up together. The Games forced Katniss into a relationship façade with Peeta, but that was purely for survival. She might have chosen Peeta in the end, but that was after growing comfortable in the illusion. Gale was instrumental in the revolution, and his passion for a better future was downright sexy. Plus, Gale was played by Liam Hemsworth. I mean, come on!

5. Bridget and Mark from Bridget Jones' Diary were the classic example of a love triangle ending with the right couple.

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This rom-com, a reinterpretation of Pride and Prejudice, was so great because the three main characters were obviously flawed. Once Daniel was thankfully out of the picture, Bridget and Mark chose each other – not because they thought the other was perfect but because they came to love each other despite their imperfections. Despite the outlandish shenanigans throughout the movie, this was a realistic portrayal of how love actually works.

6. But Juliet kissing Mark at the end of Love Actually almost ruined the whole movie for me.

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After that famous scene of Mark sharing his feelings via poster boards, Juliet ran into the street and kissed him. ON THE MOUTH. After the kiss, she ran back inside to her husband. Aren't things going to be awkward when you three hang out now? If she thought Mark would make her happier, that would be one thing, but she had no intention of leaving her husband. The whole scene made no sense.

7. Jack was the best thing that ever happened to Rose in Titanic, and everyone knows it.

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Ah, Titantic. The love story of a generation. Jack Dawson came in and swept us all off our feet: he was artistic, passionate, and believed in making each day count. Jack saved Rose from a loveless relationship with her asshole fiancé and even sacrificed himself so she could survive (though she could definitely have made some room for him on that door). It still gets me that Rose passed away in her sleep, just like she promised, to find herself reunited with Jack in death.

8. But nothing gets me more fired up than Laurie ending up with Amy in Little Women.

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I've seen a couple versions of Little Women over the years and each time, I hope Jo and Laurie end up together. I understand that's the exact opposite of what author Louisa May Alcott wanted, but that still doesn't mean Amy should have married Laurie! It's true that women in this era did not enjoy the financial independence or agency necessary to marry for love. But it was plain shady of Laurie to swap sisters like that, and I will die on this hill.

9. Kate choosing Scott over the typical popular guy made John Tucker Must Die something special in my eyes.

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Kate shared some serious chemistry (pun intended) with Scott. I was worried that she'd actually fall for John since he displayed an attractive vulnerability with her that he didn't share with the other girls. But Kate pulled through and decided to remain just friends with John in order to pursue a more authentic relationship with Scott, who was clearly better suited for her.

10. But Massimo was the world's biggest sweetheart, and Mary completely overlooked him in The Wedding Planner.

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Massimo was a little dorky, but he was so kind-hearted. The scene where he proposed with the doll house and promised to be true and loyal forever warms my heart. And she dumped him at the altar! I have no idea why Mary chose a cheater over this cutie pie. Probably because he was played by Matthew McConaughey.

11. Aragorn blessed us with the happiest of endings when he reunited with Arwen in The Lord of The Rings: The Return of the King.

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Aragorn was a ruggedly handsome master swordsman. No wonder Arwen gave up immortality for a shot at a life together. Of course Éowyn would have made a fine companion, too – you might remember her from the badass "I am no man" scene. But Arwen and Aragorn used their hope for a future together as the inspiration to continue, even when all of Middle-Earth seemed bleak. Their love remains a symbol of light to fans everywhere.

12. But Rachel choosing Harvey over Bruce in The Dark Knight is some bullshit I will never recover from.

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I understand that Rachel needed Bruce to put the Batman suit away before she could be with him. I also get she couldn't wait around forever, and Harvey Dent seemed like the easier, less painful option. But she'd loved Bruce her whole life! It made my heart hurt that she just gave up on him. And she didn't know it yet, of course, because it was her death that began Harvey's spiral, but he became Two-Face! Jeez. At least Bruce was always determined to do the right thing.

13. Mel made my heart swell when she ran to Jake on the beach during the lightning storm in Sweet Home Alabama.

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Andrew was a cool guy, and it didn't hurt that he was played by Patrick Dempsey. But I was rooting for Jake and Mel from the moment I realized they were the kids in the opening scene. It sucked that Mel strung Andrew along for so long that he was dumped at his own wedding, but that scene where she rushed to Jake in her white dress gets me every time.

14. But Andie did me dirty by choosing Blane over Duckie in Pretty in Pink.

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Did you know the original movie script ended with Andie and Duckie together?! That's the film I wanna see! Unfortunately, test audiences disapproved of the couple so the producers hastily threw together the ending where Andie got the hot, popular guy. Boo. I wish they would have stayed true to the original spirit and message. Duckie had way more character and charisma than the superficial rich kid.

15. Mary made me proud when she put herself first and picked Ray in Hancock.

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Mary and Hancock were star-crossed lovers for thousands of years. I thought for sure she would end up with him since they seemed destined for one another. But Mary didn't want to die in the arms of her lover. She wanted to live a long, happy life. Props to any woman who chooses herself over a man. Plus, Ray was such a sweet character so I'm glad he got his happy ending, too.

16. But Jean Grey pissed me off when she kissed Wolverine in X2.

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Jean and Scott were such a cute couple! They grew up together and made an awesome team. So I didn't appreciate when Logan put Jean in a shitty situation by confronting her with his feelings again. She reminded Logan that she loved Scott, but then they shared a passionate kiss. Sure, she eventually walked away, but she kissed him back for like 10 whole seconds first. Not okay.

17. When Will and April kissed at the end of Definitely, Maybe, I legit cheered from my couch.

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TBH, Emily, Summer, and April were all wonderful, intelligent women, and Will would have been lucky to end up with any of them. But I enjoyed April's free-spirited personality most so I was stoked that while Emily turned out to be the mom, April was the true love interest. Bonus points that Maya was so supportive of her daddy dating April.

18. But Sarah leaving Peter for Aldous was a total mistake in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

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Yes, Peter began the movie as an unmotivated slob. But that doesn't excuse Sarah's yearlong affair with Aldous. She took Peter for granted, and when he finally began moving on with Rachel, she became jealous and started using Aldous, who revealed his own affair. I think Sarah ended up regretting her infidelity. Sucks to be Sarah, but I'm happy that Rachel and Peter found their way back into each other's hearts eventually.

19. Deep down, Niobe always knew that Morpheus belonged by her side in The Matrix.

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Morpheus and Lock were philosophical opposites: Morpheus was romantic and spiritual while Lock was a pragmatic stickler for the rules. But Lock was also possessive over Niobe in a way I didn't think her character would tolerate, even temporarily. Thank goodness she seemed to come to her senses: I loved the tender scene at the end of The Matrix Revolutions where Neo sacrificed himself, and Niobe and Morpheus tenderly embraced in surreal gratitude.

20. But Romeo and Juliet's story was not romantic like we've been taught to believe (sorry Shakespeare).

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In Romeo + Juliet, she started dancing with Paris while looking around the room for Romeo. She never gave Paris a chance! So what if he was rich and handsome and well-liked by her family? Those aren't exactly deal breakers. Plus, Paris was played by a young Paul Rudd! Juliet just became infatuated with Romeo and honestly died for no reason. Despite what my high school English teachers thought, Romeo and Juliet was a story of teenage obsession.

21. Charlie displaying a self-portrait for his thesis exhibit in Those People was the perfect way to end the love triangle.

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If you haven't seen Those People, I highly recommend this LGBTQ+ coming-of-age story. I couldn't understand the appeal of Sebastian, Charlie's selfish best friend. Tim, on the other hand, loved Charlie wholeheartedly and offered the wise understanding of an older man. I was rooting for Tim until Charlie ended up choosing himself instead of either love interest. That kind of character growth and self-awareness was a sweet surprise and exactly the right ending.

22. But Daisy staying with her cheating husband in The Great Gatsby confuses me every time.

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Daisy's motives were always suspicious, but at her core, she just seemed lost and confused. On one hand, she had Gatsby, an obsessive old flame who built up a fortune just for her. On the other was her husband Tom, a terrible person who wanted to control her. Neither man was perfect: Tom constantly cheated on her, and Gatsby was in love with the idea of her more than her as a person. Still, I can't comprehend her decision to leave New York with Tom, and I probably never will.

Did I miss any of your favorite movie love triangles? Let me know in the comments below!

CORRECTION: Oops! A couple changes were made based on the comments.

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