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Women Got Styled Without Knowing What Sizes They Were Wearing

"You're making me dress like I'm going to Coachella!"

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For women, the clothing size you wear is a super personal number, and it can feel defeating to have to put on clothes in a higher size — even if those clothes fit. So we decided to have a stylist dress us without knowing what sizes we were actually wearing.

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Our stylist, Tiffany Reese, came in with a wealth of knowledge (and a wealth of clothes!) and talked each of us through our body image history.

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Once Tiffany got a sense of who we all were, she jumped right in to help us figure out what really worked on our bodies.


But she embraced it with open arms when she realized she looked AMAZING!

Macey J Foronda

Both her top and denim were size XL. None of us considered ourselves "extra large" going in to the day, but we all felt great once the clothes were on.


Do you shop for size or comfort? Do plus-size stores scare you? Why don't more companies make clothes for everyone?

Whatever size you are, love yourself. Get fit, eat healthy, do all of those things to make yourself feel great, but love the body you've got RIGHT NOW. OK? Promise? Good talk. Happy Body Positivity Week.