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What Is The Most Random Halloween Costume Your Kid Has Come Up With?

Because some times the thing your kid is obsessed with in October is that wing backed chair at your parent's house.

It's Halloween! That means it's time to dress up as your favorite characters, puns, and other stuff you think is cool.


The thing is though, if you're 5? You might be really really in to Q-Tips, or the stock boy at the corner store.


Have you seen that guy who stacks the bottles? That guy is awesome! - Your 5-year-old

Remember the time they just wanted to dress as their favorite chair?

Jamie Isenstein / Via

Or the year they absolutely had to go as a corporate logo?

Don't forget about the time your son dressed as his favorite obscure 1980s presidential candidate!

Michael Dukakis, anyone?

C'mon parents, spill. Tell us your kiddo's weirdest halloween costume request in the comments below, or share pictures via the dropbox form if you've got 'em and your response may be included in a future BuzzFeed Community post!