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    We Went To A Real Life McDowell's From "Coming To America" And It Was Sexual Chocolate

    "They got the golden 'arches', Mine is the golden arcs."

    For those yet to fall in love with it, Coming To America is an iconic piece of 1988 comedy gold, starring Eddie Murphy as a discontent prince with a taste for adventure.

    Hi! We are Ryann, Morgan, and Zach, and we love Coming To America.

    WTF is McDowells, you might ask? It's the suspiciously-similar-to-another-fast-food-joint-that-starts-with-Mc restaurant that Eddie Murphy's Prince Akeem gets a job at once he, y'know...comes to America.

    So when we found out that Fat Sal's Deli was hosting a pop-up of an IRL McDowell's, well...we hightailed it over.

    Sure, sure. We weren't actually in Queens, we were in West Hollywood (which is basically the exact opposite) but the pop-up McDowell's felt very authentic.

    Hi, do you serve juices and berries?

    McDowell's was (obviously) standing room only, so we took our McD's back to the office to do the honors.

    Really wanted to steal that hat, tho.

    First up, THE BIG MICK. There it is, baby. Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions, and YEP: a non-sesame seed bun. Nice.

    The bummer? While we were imagining round Big Micks, ours were on submarine rolls. Still, not mad.

    Let's dig in!

    Next up? Zmunda fries.


    And the cherry on top of this amazing meal? THE SEXUAL CHOCOLATE SHAKE.

    Guys, there was an entire piece of chocolate cake in this milkshake, with an actual cherry on top.

    Along with the slice of four layer cake, the sexual chocolate shake had wrapped Hershey's kisses in it, and chocolate frosting around the rim, covered in sprinkles. No, I'm not going to make the rim job joke. I'm not.

    And that was it. Like a dream, it was over. If a McDowell's ever pops-up in your neighborhood, get the Zmunda fries.