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    Posted on Sep 10, 2016

    We Tried Stiletto Nails And Only One Of Us Wanted To Claw Our Eyes Out

    "You're a badass bitch."

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    We are Ochi and Morgan: working moms of young kids who decided to try navigating life with stiletto nails.

    Usually, we keep our nails short and bare. Because #MomLife.

    But we figured if Kim Kardashian and Tess Holliday can mom with manicured talons, why not us? So we shimmied down to celeb favorite Priscilla Ono Salon in Montebello to get some Instagram-worthy nails of our very own.

    Basically, this is the nail art equivalent of going 0–60 in a day. We were nail n3wbs. It was...challenging, to say the least.

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    Heading into the experience, we expected a week full of frustration and regret.

    I mean, look at those beasts.

    Ochi took to the nails like a natural, while Morgan could not get her shit together.

    Final thoughts:

    Morgan Shanahan

    Ochi: In the end, I loved having them. Yes, they can be annoying when you're trying to button up a shirt or open a soda tab, but overall the experience was really positive and very fun.

    Morgan: I couldn't take it and cut mine off after seven days. I'm still trying to get the remnants off. While Ochi kept telling me she'd keep them as long as possible since fancy nails don't come cheap, you honestly couldn't have paid me enough money to keep them on for one more minute. My one positive takeaway? Long nails might be a thing I could get into, I'll just stick with my natural nails, which aren't a full centimeter thick.