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    We Gave Moms Swimsuit Makeovers And It Was Kind Of Amazing

    I don't think you're ready.

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    Alice Mongkonglite / BuzzFeed

    Surprise! You gave birth to a human and now it's like you're going through puberty all over again.

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    Your body may be different. Your hips might be wider. Maybe your belly is softer. Or perhaps you've got triumphant tiger stripes where there used to be smooth skin. And for the love of all that is perky, let's not even get started on the effects of breastfeeding.

    Thing is, summer came anyway and your kids don't give an F about your body image.


    So we brought in Tiffany Reese – body image coach and expert stylist – to give a few brave moms killer swimsuit makeovers. Meet our guinea pigs, Allie, Jill, and Brigid.

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    Ugh, guinea pigs was a horrible choice of words. Let's call them guinea gazelles.

    Jill is a mom of three with a fourth on the way who has lost confidence in her body.


    Jill: My relationship with swimsuits? I’d classify it as toxic. You try to be a good role model for your children, but honestly, I’m not very happy with where my body is.

    Allie is 23 and mom to an 18-month-old. Her main issue? Living in LA, none of her friends have kids yet.


    Allie: Things are just a little more squishy now, and I'm a young mom. All my friends are in bikinis like: no babies yet. All the things that you used to be super confident about, all these favorite parts of yourself are so different.

    Brigid hasn't shopped for a swimsuit since she was pregnant with the oldest of her two daughters. That was four years ago.


    Tiffany called it immediately: Brigid was still wearing her maternity suit.

    Brigid: When I’m trying on I go for things that are a little less my style because they cover what I feel needs to be covered.

    So our magical body-loving stylist Tiffany picked suits for each woman that she thought would both fit their personal style and give them a confidence boost.


    A few key takeaways on living your best swimsuit life:

    – Size up if you need to. Don't shove yourself into a number.
    – Don't be afraid to go bold.
    – Work it. No one is looking at you with the kind of critical eye you're viewing yourself with, and nothing is hotter than confidence.

    Ready for some results?

    Alice Mongkonglite / Morgan Shanahan / BuzzFeed

    Allie was immediately drawn to Mod Cloth's Parasail Away With Me high-waisted bikini.

    Allie: I saw the suit and thought "oooh this is awesome" – but then you’re always kind of skeptical, "will this look good on me?" It will! I love this suit!

    Alice Mongkonglite / Morgan Shanahan / BuzzFeed

    Despite being skeptical of its patriotic color scheme, Brigid went for the Life in the Splash Lane one-piece, also from Mod Cloth.

    Brigid: I haven’t wanted to stand out in the past. This is much more of a notice me suit. I’m done hiding.

    Alice Mongkonglite / Morgan Shanahan / BuzzFeed

    Jill ended up surprising herself and choosing traditional bikini bottoms over shorts, (Knox Rose, "Paisley Bottom") with Target's Merona "Flyaway" tankini top.

    Jill: Bathing suits have been so function over form in the past, as long as it covered everything. This is something I think fits more of my personal style. I feel good.

    Slay mamas, SLAAAAAAAAY.

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