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27 Ways To Create The Perfect Harry Potter Nursery

Welcome the one who has just been named.

1. Start with this lamp.

2. ...Or this one.

3. Properly label the light switch in case their wand isn't working.

4. Make sure visiting wizards know whose room they're in.

5. Be confident they're well looked after.

6. Always.

7. Decorate with winged keys.

8. Or go mobile.

9. Let them know they've arrived safely.

10. Make them feel at home with a mural.

11. Indoctrinate early...

12. ...Whatever your house of choice might be.

13. Make them their very own Mandrake.

14. Or a new best friend.

15. Perhaps you'd prefer they have their own sorting hat?

16. Wrap them up in the Marauder's Map.

17. Or frame it on their wall.

18. Enchant their ceiling.

19. Or fill it with cornish pixies.

20. Invite Hagrid to come and stay.

21. Give their room a secret entrance.

22. Or hang some potions on the wall.

23. Know they're sleeping soundly with Fluffy keeping guard.

24. Cleverly store their matchless socks.

25. Hide a story behind every drawer.

26. Liven up the space with throw pillows.

27. Cast a dream spell with this wand mobile.

*Protected by love*