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    This Is Why Men Can Never Find A Damn Thing

    "Honey, where are the raisins?"

    Deva Dalporto is a San Francisco mom of two who could no longer suffer in silence when it came to her husband's male pattern blindness.

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    What is male pattern blindness? It's when a man can't find something that is literally right in front of his face. You probably know it well.

    "I think male pattern blindness is attached to the Y chromosome, but I've heard from thousands of people in the past week claiming that their teenagers and young children are afflicted as well," Dalporto told BuzzFeed. "The only people who are NOT susceptible to MPB seem to be moms."

    The struggle is real. / Via My Life Suckers

    Says Dalporto: "We made the video one morning as my husband was rushing out the door to work. I said, 'Just stand there and look for the raisins and I'm going to film you.' So I'm not sure he was really acting."

    I know, right? / Via My Life Suckers

    As if living with someone afflicted with MPB isn't hard enough, Dalporto's husband seems to relish in the condition. "He'll be looking for something that's right in front of his face and claim male pattern blindness," the YouTuber confessed, "I think he actually likes the excuse because his 'condition' lets him off the hook."

    *Sigh* We've all been there, Deva. / Via My Life Suckers

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