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    This Mom Hilariously Calls Out The Dysfunction Of School Drop-Off Lines


    Jenny Ingram is a mother of three with a message for parents of school-aged children. It's time to stop the drop-off line madness.

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    The Seattle mom is bringing to light a critical problem for basically any rational person who has ever driven a carpool. / Via Jenny Ingram

    The gist? People are parking in the middle of the damn street to let their kids out, inconveniencing anyone and everyone in their midst.

    “My oldest is in 10th grade so I’ve been dealing with school drop off for a VERY LONG TIME," Ingram told BuzzFeed Life. "I am tired.”

    The carpool veteran continued: "We have smart phones and minivan doors that close with the push of a button, but are we not evolved enough as a society that folks can't STINKING PULL FORWARD IN THE DROP OFF LINE?"

    Ingram isn't the only one who has been spun into a fast-talking, high pitched rage. Every morning, parents across America have their hides chapped by the folks who park in the pull-through line.

    When I see parents get out of their cars in the kid pickup line it takes all of my willpower to not ram the back of their car #pullforward

    And so begins the 9 months of wondering if today is the day I'll cut a bitch #Back2School #BackToSchool #parenting #SchoolDropOff

    Really parents - you pull up, shove the kids out and drive away. How can you not want to expedite this? #schooldropoff

    The struggle is real.

    #NewRule :If you are a discourteous ass in the #schooldropoff loop,I get to tase you&tow your car. It's only fair. #momlife

    parents should have to pass an aptitude test before using the pick up line at school! #payattention #pullforward #itsnotrocketscience

    Ok it's official, bringing a hammer to campus and smashing headlights of cars who take way more space than they need. #PullForward

    Really real.

    Looks like our school figured out how to deal with the d-bags who park in the drop-off line. Nice to see you greeting the kids today, LAPD.

    One Illinois mom was so fed up with the insanity of her local school parking lot she bought herself a vest and volunteered as tribute to restore order.


    So the next time you're tempted to park in the pull-forward section of the school drop-off line, know that there is most likely someone behind you who is starting to look like this:

    And do the right thing.

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