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    This Tumblr Captures Exactly What It Would Be Like If Toddlers Had Social Media

    "Not sure why someone who can't make pancakes would attempt a pillowcase dress..."

    There are some things on the internet that are just too funny to forget. Like If Toddlers Had Facebook -- a Tumblr that originally appeared in 2014, but is being shared all over again because it's SO. DAMN. REAL.

    Probably because it's fucking existential.

    Or maybe because there isn't a mom on Pinterest who knows her limits.

    Or the pure evil that's hidden deep within David.

    Maybe it's because they're on to you.

    Or because Target is a parent's one true mecca.

    And it's nice to see the kids having each other's backs.

    Maybe it's because they're not pulling any punches.

    Or because it's like THEY KNOW YOUR LIFE.

    The creator – a dad of three – told The Huffington Post he wants to remain anonymous. One can only assume it's because he doesn't want these judge-y, scheming toddlers to hunt him down for revealing their true nature.

    Because honestly, they're ruthless.

    For more toddler's on Facebook (and sending text messages!) visit the If Toddler's Texted Facebook page.