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    Posted on Jul 15, 2017

    This New Dad Has Created Some Of The Most Hilarious Instagrams Of All Time

    Imma let you finish...

    Sholom Ber Solomon (@sbsolly) is a new dad and, quite frankly, shameless in the best way possible.

    The vintage furniture dealer owns the fact that he's wacky by nature, but he's got a new muse in his baby daughter Zoe.

    Fun fact: According to Sholom, Zoe pooped in the tub while they were taking this photo.

    "I've always taken silly pictures, and when Zoe came along it only seemed natural to add her into the fun," the native Londoner turned San Diego transplant told BuzzFeed.

    But like, honestly, how great would it be to wander into the produce section and catch Sholom and Zoe posing for THIS:

    As for Ms. Zoe, dad's one hope is that, "she enjoys looking back at them as much as I've enjoyed making them with her."

    Something tells me she will.

    Or that her payback will at least be EPIC.

    I mean, really.

    See more of Sholom and Zoe's adventures on Instagram.

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