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    This Mom Lip-Synched Her Daughter's Tantrum And It's Actually Really Impressive

    She's got her kid's rhythm down.

    Jennifer Aprea Closson is a Southern California mom of two with a serious set of lip-synching skills.

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    When her 4-year-old daughter started to melt down around bedtime recently, Jennifer decided to give the little one a taste of her own medicine.

    According to Jennifer, lip-synching a tantrum isn't a parenting tactic she'd used before, but it worked!

    The mom told BuzzFeed Life that her performance sent her daughter into a fit of giggles, nipping her bedtime tantrum in the bud.

    But what about those skills? How did Jennifer so perfectly lip-synch an impromptu tantrum?

    It all comes down to a natural talent for lip-synching, and knowing her kid: "I think the number of tantrums I've survived helped with my ability to predict her outbursts. She definitely gets into a rhythm," the mom explained.

    And like any good mom, Jennifer wants you to know that her little girl is "mostly very sweet."

    According to Mom, it's just "that post-bath, pre-bedtime sweet spot that can bring out the worst if we let it get too late."

    Somebody get this mom on Lip Sync Battle, stat!

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