This Mom Has Chronicled Her Entire Pregnancy In The Most Stylish Way Possible

    Mom + Toddler + Fashion + Belly = Awesome

    Using the hashtag #DressWithUs, Allison Neiman (@lifeasallison) has been sharing daily outfit photos of herself and her daughter KC on Instagram for nearly a year. Allison explains: "After being pregnant with KC and then wrapping up breast feeding I found myself almost completely fashionless."

    "It's ironic, some of my followers consider me a 'fashion blogger' but #DressWithUs started as a tool to help ME break out of my fashion cavern of doom. I was a new 30-something mom opening drawers and pulling out 20-something short shorts that just weren't going to work any longer," Allison told BuzzFeed Life.

    Allison suffered from a total loss of fashion mojo, which is when she signed up for StitchFix, an online styling service.

    Allison told BuzzFeed Life: "Somewhere along the line I lost all confidence in putting any type of fashion sense together to form an outfit... [a stylist] was exactly what I needed."

    But it was when she announced her pregnancy on Instagram that the account took on *new life.

    (*yes, pun intended)

    Since then we've gotten to watch Allison's style grow, her confidence grow, and of course her kids grow — both her smiling daughter and the son growing inside.

    We even get to see the different ways she styles her favorites.

    And as for cropping out her head? "The outfits would change, but one thing always stayed constant. I always had a blonde toddler peeking around me. ... I never was 100% comfortable with it being in any way about me, so I let KC be the 'personality' in the shot," Allison explained.

    Can't wait to see what kind of stylish duds that baby boy will be rockin'. Have an easy labor, Allison.

    To read more about Allison's life as a mom and an undertaker's wife, visit her family blog Life As Us.