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This Is Why You Shouldn't Breastfeed After A Spray Tan

Scarred for life. Or at least for five to seven days.

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But before your next airbrushing sesh, consider your sweet baby, and take steps to protect them from this:

Redditor u/LondonDave uploaded this image to Imgur in a gracious act of public service, under the headline "Protip: don't breastfeed after a spraytan."

While spray and self tanners are generally safe for breastfeeding moms, babies have sensitive skin and OMG that stuff does not come off with soap.


Since tanners are topically applied, for the most part they won't absorb through the skin into the bloodstream and into your milk, according to

"They should not be a problem for the breastfeeding mom and baby,” they wrote.

The popular breastfeeding resource also recommends washing any remaining tanner off of your breast before breastfeeding to avoid getting the product in your baby’s mouth.

Jonesing for a spray-tan, but looking to protect your baby's face? Hot and Healthy Life has a hack for that.

Hint: Bring an extra breast pad to your spray-down.

And be careful out there. For the children.

H/T Reddit.