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This Is Why You Should Never Attempt A Crafting Tutorial With A 2-Year-Old

Blogger and mom Ilana Wiles thought that her toddler was ready to help out with her first craft tutorial. Turns out she was wrong.

Harlow (left) and Mazzy (right) appear frequently on their mom's social media accounts and parenting site,

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You could kind of say they're internet pros. Well, Mazzy anyway. It turns out Harlow is not quite ready for her close-up. "My plan was to a do soap-making tutorial with Mazzy for a post I was doing for my blog," Mom Ilana told BuzzFeed Life. "Harlow asked if she could help and I guess it didn't occur to me how badly that would go."

While you definitely won't learn how to make soap, you will learn about barnyard animal sounds and how to break a patient sister.

"Normally, the girls get along fabulously," said the popular blogger. "They call each other their best friends and are really affectionate." This time however, it was a totally different story. "After a few minutes of filming, I kiboshed the tutorial idea because Mazzy was starting to get really mad."

The clip starts out with a sort of "toddler's greatest hits," yelling, grabbing, and interrupting for good measure.

But it's not long before 2-year-old Harlow starts quacking like a duck while 5-year-old Mazzy tries her darndest to make some artisan soap.

Finally, big sis loses her patience. Valiant effort, kiddo.

For Wiles, this video turned out better than any tutorial ever could. "It's way more true to my life and my kids than everything going perfectly," the mom explained. "Harlow is just starting to really come into her own and talk up a storm, so it's awesome to see their relationship progress as Harlow becomes less Mazzy's prop and more her real playmate."