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    This Instagram Perfectly Captures The Daily Struggles Of Life With Kids

    @AverageParentProblems knows your life.

    Ilana Wiles runs the popular parenting blog Mommy Shorts. And with two young daughters, the New York City working mom is no stranger to the pitfalls of life with kids. That's why she launched the @AverageParentProblems Instagram and corresponding hashtag.

    The blogger told BuzzFeed Life that with the internet so full of parents either at their best or absolute worst, she wanted to create something for the "average parent."

    "The parents I relate to are the ones who don’t have space to put all the toys away, who serve their kids hot dogs more often then they’d like to admit, and who consider their day a success if they get everyone to school on time,” Wiles explains.

    Based on the number of photos quickly racking up on the #AverageParentProblems hashtag, it looks like Wiles' readers agree:

    They're sharing bath time battles.

    Holiday realities.

    And simple observations.

    They're sharing the early seeds of sibling rivalry.

    The downfalls of bed-sharing.

    And the ever-present "selfie-struggle."

    There's the art of the mess...

    ...And the art of the meal.

    Coming to grips with a less-than-perfect school photo.

    And why you can't have nice things.

    They have captured what regret looks like.

    ...The struggles of never taking a solo trip to the mall.

    ...And the moments when all you can do is laugh.

    There's a camaraderie to the madness, of course. Wiles believes that being able to commiserate and joke on social media is a great outlet for modern parents.

    The entrepreneur explains: "I think if we didn't have people showing us the reality of parenthood on the internet, many of us would think we were doing a horrible job. Now I know I'm not the only one with a mess of toddler selfies on my phone or stabbing a mylar Dora balloon with a pair of scissors after my kids go to bed. It takes the struggles of raising children and makes it fun. At least that's my goal."