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This Instagram Account Perfectly Captures The Struggle Of Being A Toddler

"Do these shoes make my diaper look full?"

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Every day New York mom-of-two Ilana Wiles channels her toddler daughter Harlow via her Instagram account Insta2yearold. It's pretty uncanny.

"My favorite part of playing with playdoh is asking my mom to separate the colors when I'm done."

The project started as a way for mom Ilana to document the small moments. “I wanted to visually document the funny things Harlow does without always having a camera in her face,” the blogger tells BuzzFeed Life.

"That's right, bitches. I've got a balloon. #toddlerstatussymbol"

"Either I'm hallucinating or my parents just upgraded me to a bed I can get out of myself. #wow #theywillregretthis"

"I just asked for juice and my mom said this place doesn't have any. 1) #momiscrazy 2) #momisblind 3) #momislying"

"Most two-year-old trials and tribulations are pretty universal," says Wiles.

"The photos are all inspired by things Harlow actually does but I love that any parent can look through the Instagram feed and imagine this is their child."

"Ahhhhhh. Warm dinner rolls. I guess I'll stop my restaurant tantrum and resume it again later."

"The other passengers are going to LOVE me. #toddleronatrain"

"I love entertaining other parents but it's also a form of therapy for myself," Wiles explains. "If I wasn't looking for ways to make myself laugh even in my toughest parenting moments, I imagine being a parent would be a lot less fun."

"Do these shoes make my diaper look full? #newkicks #shoeshopping"

"Even I don't know where my hands have been. #toddlerbaking"

"This is super creepy right? Do all moms do this??? #momsarelikestalkers"

Follow @insta2yearold on Instagram for more of Harlow's adventures through toddlerhood.

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