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This Stunning Birth Photo Captured Something That Occurs In Less Than 1 In 80,000 Births

Totally safe, and totally rare, babies born still fully inside the amniotic sac are commonly known as "caulbearers."

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Robin Baker is an award-winning birth photographer who recently captured one of birth's rarest phenomenons: a baby born "en caul," or still fully inside the amniotic sac.

Robin Baker

The story behind the photo — which captures the home birth of twins — is pretty incredible as well. Not only are roughly 75% of twins in the U.S. delivered via C-section, according to Baker, this was an unassisted affair — the entire labor went so quickly that the OB-GYN and his team didn't actually arrive until after the babies were born.

The California-based photographer, who has attended over 70 births, said that the parents were incredibly calm despite the fact they were essentially on their own until the medical team could get there.

"These parents are experienced home birthers as they had their first child at home," Baker told BuzzFeed. "They had 30 minutes of bonding time with Baby A before Baby B made his way into his father's hands still en-caul."