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This Maternity Shoot May Cause Your Eyeballs To Blow A Beauty Fuse

Love blooms.

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Christophe Guinet is an urban gardener and new father from Marseille, France.

Instagram: @monsieur_plant

The artist, who goes by Monsieur Plant, has shown his work all over the world, and created installations for brands big and small.

As his wife, Yeva, reached the end of her pregnancy, the couple decided to capture the anticipation of those final weeks in a unique way: Christophe turned Yeva into a work of art using hundreds of flowers.

"In this personal project, I wish to sublimate these weeks of patience and put the beauty of the woman in these magical moments, where Nature and Love make perfect allies," the french artist told BuzzFeed via email.


"The selection of landscapes found in the series such as the forest, the mountains or the sea are elements that form part of my surroundings," the artist's statement continues.

See more of Monsieur Plant's work on his Instagram, or via his website.

Instagram: @monsieur_plant