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This Family Knocks Their Christmas Cards Out Of The Park Every Year

Like, they're basically the Babe Ruth(s) of family Christmas cards.

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Trevor Navarra, a creative art director, and his wife, Megan, take their Christmas card game seriously.

For 10 years now, they've been killing it, telling their family story along the way.


Trevor Navarra / Via

Trevor told BuzzFeed Life, "There is really no method to the madness. When finding our inspiration we really just try not to force it. An idea usually presents itself throughout the year. Once we have a general idea, we try and build it around a major 'life' event of the year."



Trevor Navarra / Via

Finally, for this year’s holiday card, Trevor tells us: "I was searching stock photography for a freelance gig and I stumbled upon the photo of the black and white horse and thought that might just be the most 'amazingly ridiculous' photo I'd ever seen. At the time I didn’t know how I was going to use it, but we liked the idea of making a children’s book card, and so we went with it."

Trevor, you are a Christmas card champion. We salute you.