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This Dad Wrote A Check To His Kid's School Using Common Core Math

See if you can take that to the bank.

Ahh, Common Core math. Now implemented in 46 states, the controversial standards have had parents crossing their eyes in confusion and frustration since the day it was introduced.

Many parents have taken to social media to share their disdain for the new standards.

Facebook: EmmasMom91105

But one Ohio dad showed his kid's school how far removed from real-life application he feels Common Core is in a way that's sure to get their attention: He challenged them to take it to the bank.

Twitter: @JoanOfArc1920

The donation check to Melridge Elementary was written out according to the longform Common Core standards — which anyone old enough to work at a bank would have to learn from scratch before cashing the check.

Say what you want about the Common Core, but that's one hell of a slick dad-troll, Douglas from Ohio. We salute you.