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The RompDad Is So Pure It Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Dadding Level: Advanced

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You guys, some insanely hilarious dads actually designed, created, and modeled the original ROMPDAD.

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Christian Lee of Dad Sews found himself a little bit envious of all the RompHim joy Millennials were having. And none suitable for a more robust figure.

"I wanted to make something practical and affordable," Christian told BuzzFeed, "But really, I just wanted to goof on the trend."

It's peak dad, and it's freaking amazing, featuring a snug fit to compliment all types of Dad Bods.

Christian tells BuzzFeed: "I sent the video to my friends at Life of Dad, and they turned it into a shorter version to share on Facebook. It blew up!."

It really did. Over 1 million people saw this video in its first 24 hours on Facebook.


Christian Lee has 4 kids, so his role as dad is pretty consuming. "We adopted 2, then had a surprise baby – then a SUPER surprise birth control baby," the mega-dad shared.

Damn, dude. You're like the Angelina Jolie of dad bloggers. Or at the very least, Madonna.

"I started DadSews on a lark," the Virginia-based dad explained. "I was embarrassed that I was turning 40 and still asking my mom to hem my jeans.

I couldn't even figure out how to thread the machine, so my kids and I did a shot-for-shot remake of the fax machine scene from Office Space. It was a blast, and Dad Sews was born."

When Christian does something, he goes all out: "I sew everything for the first time ON CAMERA, and show my mistakes, which sometimes end in failure."

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Want your own RompDad? Christian made a tutorial for he does.

Plus he has a mega-freakin-awesome theme song that he wrote himself. Like, what?