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    This Company Dressed Babies As Hipsters And It Will Blow Your Cute Fuse

    These babies were hipsters, like, before it was even cool to be a developed fetus.

    Tommee Tippee has been a longtime player in the pre-toddler food accessories game.

    They manufacture everything from bottles and sippy cups to safety cutlery, and naturally, diaper pails. They've got your butt covered.

    Turns out they also have a killer creative team with a quirky sense of humor.

    In order to promote their #WeanTogether campaign in the UK, Tommee Tippee teamed up with photographer Andrew Parish and PROFESSIONAL BABY STYLIST (yes, that's a thing) Kari Nyack to create this adorably eye-popping photo set.

    Thus, I give you babies dressed as hipsters.

    Stylist Kari Nyack took us through her process in creating the tiny hipsters: "When thinking about outfits, rummage through your old clothes or visit charity shops and haberdasheries. You can easily cut up old clothes and fabrics to re-invent them for your little one. Dresses, bow ties, pocket squares, and head scarves can all be created! In Tommee Tippee’s hipster baby shoot the bow tie (above) was the result of a pair of scissors, fabric and a glue gun."

    But like...this baby has a beard, though.

    And like, this baby is wearing a Canadian tuxedo.

    No harm no foul, says stylist Nyack: “Double up or even triple up the denim! As seen on Jahmali, don’t be afraid to use different denim finishes and colours.”

    Okay. Cool. So does this mean we should start feeding our babies kale and quinoa?

    Well, sort of. #WeanTogether is just about getting your baby started on simple foods in simple ways.

    Tommee Tippee is challenging parents to create simple and healthy meals that don't require you to be hip as hell to make your own baby food.

    Seriously though, Kale chips are delicious and my kid loves them.


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