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This Mom Perfectly Captures What It's Like To Be Pregnant In Her Hilarious Comics

Get out of my mind!

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The talented mom-of-two captures the pregnancy experience with painful accuracy.


"I started this cartoon as a personal diary," the Norwegian mom-of-two told BuzzFeed Life. "I was feeling sick and tired all through my first trimester while all I saw online and in magazines were these picture perfect, happy, pregnant super-women."

Line eventually began posting her cartoons to her personal blog Kos & Kaos (Cuddles & Chaos).

"My friends and family loved it. And it was them who urged me to post the comics to Instagram as well..." the designer and animator decided to give it a shot. Now, Severinsen says, "just a few weeks later, people from all of over the world are following me on Instagram and Facebook. It's really fun!"


"What I am getting such a huge kick from right now is seeing people commenting on my comics and tagging friends telling them to «look here» and «this is exactly how i feel right now»" the artist shared. "It’s so rewarding to see that my drawings and experiences are resonating so well with so many people!"

While Severinsen says she would love to eventually turn her artwork into a book, for now you can add her to your stream on Instagram and Facebook.