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Fans Are Pissed That This Body-Positive Instagram Star Had Skin Removal Surgery

"You can love yourself and change yourself at the same time."

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Amanda Roberts (aka Mandas_Muffintop) is a body-positive instagrammer from Temecula, California. After losing 150 lbs, Amanda was left with 14lbs of excess skin, which came with its own set of complications.

Instagram: @mandas_muffintop

"When I first realized the extent of my loose skin and the medical issues that came with it (rashes, sores, possible infections, and general discomfort,) I had made the decision to learn to love my body as it was, loose skin and all," Amanda told BuzzFeed. "I thought that I wouldn't be able able to afford skin removal surgery for a long time – at least five or more years – but I did know that it would be necessary eventually."

"I decided to be at peace with my body and mind and love myself as I was," Roberts explained, "because I'd worked hard for my body, to lose the weight and be healthier."

Instagram: @mandas_muffintop

Amanda's timeline changed when her #tummylovethursday hashtag gained momentum and landed her an invite to appear on The Doctors.

When Roberts appeared on the show to discuss body-positivity, co-host Dr. Andrew Ordon made a surprise offer to perform skin-removal surgery on the mom and Instagram star – with the show covering all costs.

Roberts told BuzzFeed that her emotions were mixed upon realizing she wouldn't have to wait years for surgery. "I remember feeling relief and happiness, because something that seemed like a far-off dream was suddenly going to be reality. I also felt a bit of sadness because I had worked so hard to practice self-love with my loose skin."

But when Amanda shared the news with her followers, many accused her of faking the body-positivity she'd shown for so long.

Instagram: @mandas_muffintop

"They said that if I truly loved myself, I wouldn't want to change anything about myself, but the way I see it: if you love yourself, you'll do whatever YOU feel is best for your body." Amanda shared with BuzzFeed.

"Self-love is such a personal journey, there shouldn't be any guidelines or criteria for self-love or body-positivity, other than that you are actively working to love yourself."

Instagram: @mandas_muffintop

"Before surgery, I'd learned to love my loose skin. Instead of seeing it as a bad reminder of the past, I saw it as a trophy showing how far I'd come in my journey..."

"Loving myself at every stage of this journey has been my ultimate goal, and I'm proud to say I've reached that goal every time thus far."

Instagram: @mandas_muffintop

Keep kicking ass, Amanda. Thanks for being you.

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