This Couple Revealed Their Baby's Gender In The Most Epic Way Possible

    Put down your cake-cutting knives — the ante has been upped.

    Like many expectant couples, Monique Tello and Steven Statter wanted to surprise their family with the sex of their baby in a fun, creative way.

    "We are both huge Dodger fans," Monique told BuzzFeed Life. "Pregnancy is typically focused on the female, so I wanted Steven to feel included in our gender reveal."

    To pull it off, Monique came up with the idea to create a "baseball" from a plastic Christmas ornament filled with chalk powder.

    The couple rented a baseball field and invited family and friends to wear either pink or blue to indicate their gender guess.

    The "teams" filled their respective dugouts...

    Daddy Steven took the plate...

    Mama Monique threw out the first pitch...

    And BLAMMO! It's a girl!

    "I had no expectations, but I was so surprised and shocked and thrilled," Monique told BuzzFeed Life. "I can't wait to dress her up and put bows bigger than her head on her!"

    Photographer David Swayze explained that the pressure was on for Steven -- they had one fragile ball, and one chance to get the shot.

    Still, the dad-to-be, nicknamed "Showtime" for his hitting skills by his baseball buddies, stayed calm and focused.

    "There were about 50 friends and family members there," Swayze said. "The energy was amazing."

    Congratulations, Monique and Steven!