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This "Bad Blood" Parody Perfectly Captures The Mommy Wars

"Oh, it's so sad you, didn't co-sleep/I sleep trained mine."

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Ahhh, the Mommy Wars. The age-old battle of who's doing it better.

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When Deva Dalporto saw Taylor Swift's Bad Blood video, she knew there was a mom parody in there -- "I feel like you just can't win as a mom these days," the YouTuber told BuzzFeed Life. "Whatever decision you make, someone is going to rip you to shreds for it. You have a C-section, the home birth community will judge you. You have a home birth, the hospital birth crowd will judge you. You formula feed, and breastfeeders will judge you. You breastfeed for what's considered too long and everyone will judge you."

So Dalporto put together her own squad of bad-ass ladies and created the "Bad Mom" video. It's flipping epic.

All of the archetypes are represented, and the lyrics are spot on...

"Band-aids don't fix the measles.../My kids won't get pricked with needles..."

Slaaaaaaaay Mamas.

In the end Dalporto's own spawn makes a cameo to remind us that the kids are alright.

"You both give TLC and make great snacks"...