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    When This Tearful 5-Year-Old Took A Stand Against Her Dinner, Her Parents Had An Awesome Reply

    Indie-Rose was not happy when she learned where her meat came from.

    Meet Indie-Rose. She's a 5-year-old Irish girl who recently learned that the meat she was eating was "chopped-up animals."

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    Indie was genuinely devastated by the news.

    Indie-Rose's mom, Nicola Moore, was shocked when her partner sent her the video of their little one insisting she didn't want to eat meat anymore.

    "My partner was preparing dinner and Indie wanted to help. He had gotten some turkey from the butchers, [Indie] asked who had chopped it up and that’s how it all started," Indie-Rose's mom explained.

    In the video, the 5-year-old Dubliner can be heard telling her dad "animal-people are nice" and "if this is how we keep chopping them up, there'll be no more animals."

    Both parents were moved by how strongly Indie felt about not eating animals, so Nicola consulted a doctor and has helped her daughter become a full-time vegetarian.

    And the little girl is turning out to be quite the activist...

    BuzzFeed Life has reached out to Indie-Rose's family for comment.