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    26 Things You'll See At Mickey's Halloween Party

    Disney's most spooktastic special event invades the park on select nights through the month of October.

    1. This epic Mickey Mouse jack-o-lantern.

    2. Amazing pumpkin carving demonstrations.

    3. Your hosts, Mickey and Minnie, dressed for the ocassion.

    4. The latest members of The Pirates' League.

    5. Disney villains, like Captain Hook, prowling the grounds.

    6. And the Old Hag from Snow White And the Seven Dwarfs.

    7. Lots of kids having the time of their lives.

    8. Trick-or-treat stations galore.

    9. The Dia De Los Muertes Band rocking Frontierland.

    10. "It's A Small World" and its Halloween makeover.

    11. Sleeping Beauty's castle covered in creepy crawlers.

    12. The Nightmare Before Christmas taking over The Haunted Mansion.

    13. ...And Jack and Sally posing for photos outside.

    14. This mouth watering Pumpkin Mickey Cupcake.

    15. Character-themed candy apples.

    16. Adorable character pumpkins around the park.

    17. Anna and Elsa in the Frozen Pre-Parade.

    18. Mickey's Costume Party Cavalcade.

    19. The "Halloween Screams" fireworks spectacular.

    20. Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy.

    21. The Monsters U Dance Party and Scare-Off!

    22. And lots of park guests wearing jaw-droppingly awesome costumes.

    23. The gang from Cinderella.

    24. These favorites from Mary Poppins.

    25. And even Olaf.