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    19 Struggles Only Hot Mess Moms Will Recognize

    That stain is probably not coffee and you don’t care at all.

    1. You open the microwave to warm up your coffee, and find yesterday's coffee still waiting in there.

    Morgan Shanahan

    Face it, you're never drinking hot coffee again.

    2. You've definitely forgotten it's picture day.

    Dangubic / Getty Images

    If you're lucky, it fell on laundry day to boot.

    3. You're pretty much always late, and it's definitely not because you stopped for Starbucks.


    "What? This is from this morning."

    4. You've probably sent your kid to school with an empty lunchbox.

    Or worse...yesterday's lunch still in there.

    (Don't worry, that's a gag ziplock, excellent for trolling your children.)

    5. When you're running late, you're kind of fine just wiping yourself down with baby wipes.

    Orion Pictures

    6. Ringing the buzzer for a good ten minutes on a day that there's no school? Been there.

    Flickr: iizukanao

    At the very least you've had to scramble for childcare before work because you had no idea your kid had a random day off.

    7. It's possible your child has started to tell you that things are due days before they actually are "because you'll forget."


    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You are teaching them fucking valuable life skills right there.

    8. You've almost certainly given your kid two popsicles 10 minutes apart because you forgot you gave them the first one.


    9. "The school bake sale is TODAY? Oh, no totally...I just have to grab something out of my car."

    10. Yep. That was you walking around/going to work with baby barf on your shirt.

    I was talking about actual baby barf, but this shirt works too.

    11. Poop or chocolate? Toothpaste or spit up? Peanut butter or puke? You never can tell.


    12. Hell yeah you do drop-off in your pajamas.

    Morgan Shanahan / Via

    They're lucky you're wearing shoes, tbh.

    13. The school administrator who hands out tardy slips knows your child's name and room number by heart.


    14. Your kids are probably sleeping in their day clothes RIGHT NOW.

    Instagram: @the818

    Unless it's day time where you are. Then they're most likely still wearing yesterday's pajamas.

    15. You've gotten a speeding ticket trying not to be late for school pickup again, which inevitably leads to your kid waiting in an empty parking lot.

    Flickr: jsmjr

    They weren't worried. They knew you'd get there eventually.

    16. Every time you post a picture of your kid you realize later they have schmutz on their face.

    Flickr: josephers


    17. You definitely sent your kid to school in *gasp* regular clothes on "spirit shirt" day.


    Oh the humanity.

    18. Your diet consists mostly of your kid's leftovers.


    The best days are when they have macaroni and cheese.

    19. But the biggest sign you're a hot mess mom?


    Nobody sees it but you.

    Instagram: @the818

    Keep kickin' ass mamas. #weareallhotmesses