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13 Things Moms Do Online That Would Never Fucking Happen In Real Life

Like, idk, talk to adults?

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1. We clean our houses for the 'gram, but only the bit that's in frame.

Behind us, there is crayon on the walls. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2. We bond over wine, even if it means cheers-ing literally no one.

And everyone at the same time.

3. We've been known to mock our children's meltdowns once or twice.

Yes, we try to comfort them first. But sometimes they're just inconsolable over their eggs and you're left with no option but to laugh. Silently. Via your phone.

4. We appear in family vacation photographs.

99% of the time it's us behind the lens.

5. We happily take advice from total strangers.

But advice from strangers IRL? You'd honestly rather eat end-of-day mall food.

6. We're all "mom hair don't care" in our carpool line selfies.

EF getting out of the car in front of actual humans dressed like that, tho.

7. We dare to disagree with the PTA.

Facebook: video.php

Well, the bravest among us do. Personally I do not fuck with the PTA.

8. We also rant wildly against the touching of the pregnant belly.

IRL, these shirts only encourage people, tbh.

9. We show off books we know we'll never have time to read.

But it's nice to pretend. Maybe when the kids move out?

10. We get lost in the moment and share the name of our best babysitter.

That is some shit you would only ever do for likes.

11. We feel inadequate about our school lunch game.

Remember the good 'ol days when you could blissfully believe all lunches contained PBJ sandwiches and pre-sliced carrot sticks?

12. We take photos of our coffee simply as proof that we tried to drink it warm.

13. We learn that there's a community for every type of parent, even if it's not in your neighborhood.

Hot mess moms, unite. And type A moms, too.

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