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    These Parents "Can't Stop...Having Babies" In This Kick Ass Miley Cyrus Parody

    It's our family...we can make who we want.

    Parents of three, Chad and Andrea Chapman got a surprise recently when they learned they would be welcoming a fourth child.

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    "We had not planned on having any more children after our three, but we seem to have a talent for making babies," Andrea told BuzzFeed Life.

    Unlike with her earlier pregnancies, Andrea found that when she told people that she was pregnant with number four, they actually seemed worried.

    "I kept hearing 'How are you going to afford it? Where are you going to put it? Wasn't three enough?'" Andrea says.

    After joking to a friend that she just "couldn't stop" having babies, the former voice and theater major channeled her frustration by rewriting the lyrics to the 2013 Miley Cyrus hit "We Can't Stop" in her head.

    That's when the North Carolina couple decided to officially announce their pregnancy in style, with a top-notch parody — their first ever.

    The soon-to-be mom of four tells BuzzFeed Life that her husband Chad, a digital marketer, was actually the driving force behind the video: "We don't usually follow through on our creative endeavors but this time we totally went for it."

    There's a healthy dose of "big family" pride in the video, including a shout-out to the other "mamas with the big bump, growing it over and over again."

    This woman loves making babies.

    While four kids may seem like a lot to handle to some, the stay-at-home mom and her husband are reveling in their up-all-night lifestyle.

    Their new baby boy will join them in August, and Andrea and Chad are looking forward to raising a big brood.

    "We adore our kids and we are always up for a new adventure," Andrea explains.

    Sing it, mama.

    And congrats on your growing family!

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