These Bar And Bat Mitzvahs Will Make You Wish You Were 13 Again

    Prepare to be knocked on your tuchus.

    You could host your own carnival.

    Discover your own boogie wonderland.

    Serve up a party sweet as candy.

    ...Or rock everyone's faces off.

    Share your passion for sports.

    Make it a night out in the city.

    Go for medieval glamour.

    Open your own night club.

    Forego a theme and give your venue the full floral treatment.

    Show off a few of your favorite things.

    Share your love of Broadway.

    Or pay homage to The Beatles.

    You could create a cool name pun!

    Make it a winter wonderland...

    Celebrate your fashionable side...

    ...Or show off your favorite colors.

    The creative possibilities are endless!

    Mazel Tov!