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    18 Of The Baddest Ass Trick Or Treaters You've Ever Seen

    All of these kids have something in common: They're fighting Spinal Muscular Atrophy and their Halloween game is strong.

    1. This precocious little monster.

    Kate Mathany

    Getty, age 4.

    2. Mario and Luigi.

    Beth Lockwood
    Beth Lockwood

    Nick (age 12) and Emma (age 13).

    3. Jake's mate-y Izzy.

    Erica Lugo

    Audrey, age 3.

    4. This princess with a curfew.

    Erica Hunt

    Ella, age 3.

    5. Elmo!

    Katie Holter

    Wyatt, age 2.

    6. Jedi Master, he is.

    Melissa Moss

    Benjamin, age 2.

    7. This Hot-Rodder.

    Annette Reed

    Madison, age 17.

    8. This architect of ice.

    Beverly Scott

    Alivianna, age 9.

    9. This wild one.

    Kayla Sniezek

    Ford, age 4.

    10. This little girl who's not in Kansas anymore.

    Jeana Huett

    Elizabeth, age 11.

    11. This gorgeous mermaid.

    Shannon Sinkiewicz

    Reagan, age 2.

    12. This dark knightress.

    Melissa Kloiber

    Jacey, age 3.

    13. The fairest in the land.

    Stephanie Burningham

    Aizlynn, age 3.

    14. This ace outfielder.

    Tony Burks

    Jadon, age 5.

    15. This adorable duo.

    Nikki Miller

    Leah (age 10) & Ellie (age 1).

    16. This swashbuckling fairy.

    Jaime Gooden

    Nora, age 5.

    17. Marie Antoinette.

    Annie Landefeld

    Scarlett, age 5.

    18. This terrifying vampire.

    Heather Scanlon

    Kaige, age 11.

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