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29 Brilliant Kids Products You Need In Your Life

Reusable juice boxes. I mean, really.


1. Sustainable Juice Boxes

I legitimately hate myself for not knowing about these before. Reusable and spill-proof? My kid has so much watered-down juice in her future. From here.

2. Hand Trux Shovels

Trux make digging a hole in the sand a day at the beach! (See what I did there?) Find them here.

3. Elephant Whistle

It's not just pretty -- this handcrafted wooden whistle makes an uncanny elephant call. From here.

4. Color The Earth

Let them color the world however they see fit. Get one of these inflatable globes here.

5. Constructive Eating Set

Every kiddo needs their very own fork-lift! (There's also a gardening version.) Available here.

6. Shark Bite Pouch

Keep their pencils safe from predators in this clever shark pouch. Get one here.

7. Stop Motion Animation Kit

Kiddos can make their own movies with this incredible set. Check it out here.

8. Dinner Winner Plate

You'll have no problem getting your kids to eat their veggies when there's a dessert surprise hiding at the end of the trail! Find it here.

9. USA Scratch Map

Help your kids learn US geography AND the amazing fun of scratchers all at once with this scratch-off map. Find it here.

10. Kid Quotes Custom Art

You could adorn their bedroom walls with inspirational quotes, or you could get an artist's rendering of some of the weird stuff they said to their brothers. Is there even a question? Get your here.

11. Tesla Circuit Building Set

Get your kiddos thinking about energy like Tesla. Then just sit back and dream about the vacation home in the Hampton's they're going to buy you one day. The future starts now, here.

12. Design Your Own Putty

Maybe your offspring leans more of an artist than an engineer? Thrill their tactile minds with this primary color putty mixing set. Get it here.

13. Shower Squids

Adorable form meets function with these hold-all shower squids. Snag one here.

14. Souper Spoons

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...down the hatch and you're doing your victory lap. Make mealtime fun with these Souper Spoons, available here.

15. Creature Crunchers

16. Gummy Bear Lights

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these adorable good-enough-to-eat lamps which make a great ambient night light. Check 'em out here.

17. Periodic Table Building Blocks

It's never too early to turn your child in to the next Sheldon Cooper (or, y'know, a real physicist) with these building blocks emblazoned with the elements instead of the boring old alphabet. Get yours here.

18. Ms. Food Face

Another clever design from FRED, turn your dinner in to a work of portraiture. Get them here. (Note: These are ceramic and not great for younger kiddos. Ours lasted about four hours with my two-year-old nearby.)

19. Plush Organs

The body is confusing, so what better to get your kids comfortable with their own anatomy than letting them literally cuddle up to it? Also helpful to explain an illness in the family. Find your plush rectum and all his friends here.

20. Animal & Monster Temporary Hand Tattoos

Shadow puppets, shmadow puppets. Take your child's hand-acting to a whole new level with these wearable puppets. Available here.

21. Sock Puppet Charades

Just, yes. Get your here.

22. Bathtub Ball Track

If bath time wasn't awesome enough for relaxing and getting clean, you can now up the ante by creating your very own wall-mounted mini ball obstacle course (yes, that's a thing.) Find it here.

23. Puzzle Sphere

This spherical puzzle works your tot's hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and imagination. Triple threat. From here.

24. Edible Chemistry Kit

Experiments you can eat and drink? Sign my 8-year-old self up! Get it here.

25. Stack and Scare Blocks

Monsters, monsters, everywhere! Build them up and destroy them, or just display them on your shelf because they're pretty. Find it here.

26. Circuit Racer

Use magnets to create energy with this incredible set from magnetic block-maker Tegu. Get your here.

27. Tree Construction Set

New buildings are popping up every minute, but trees are harder and harder to come by. This tree building set may just be the first step to a very important vocation of the future. Get your here.

28. Super magnetic putty.

This reactive putty and the magnets that make it tick are guaranteed to provide hours of mind-bending, secretly educational fun. Find it here.

29. Bike Chalk Trailer Hitches / Via undefined

Now your kiddo can be creative and athletic at the same time. These bike chalk trailers connect right to the back of your bike and let you create amazing chalk art while you burn off energy. Check them out here.