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    Updated on Sep 3, 2020. Posted on Jul 3, 2016

    19 Pop Culture Alternatives For Parents Who Love To Curse

    "This is going to be a total clustercuss for everybody."

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    1. "Great Scott!"


    Christopher Lloyd gave parents everywhere a great cursing alternative with his signature phrase from the Back To The Future films.

    2. "Dagnabbit."

    Warner Bros

    Say it in a certain tone and you get your point across.

    3. "You're killing me, smalls."

    20th Century Fox

    This Sandlot-originated phrase is like, a loving way of saying you kind of hate that person right now, y'know?

    4. "Holy Schnikes!"

    Paramount Pictures

    Chris Farley wouldn't say "shit" in mixed company, and now neither will you. ;)

    5. "Oh, Barnacles."

    Paramount Television

    Spongebob is an expert at hidden expletives, and you can be too -- barnacles can take the place of pretty much any dirty noun.

    6. "Holy Frijoles."


    Holy beans better than holy shit.

    7. "Frak."

    Warner Bros. Television

    Frak it.

    8. "Bless Your Heart."

    Tyler Perry Company

    Everyone knows this is basically southern for "ef you."

    9. "Sugar. Honey. Iced. Tea."


    We see what you did there, Madagascar.

    10. "Hold the Pickles."


    Nothing to do with actual pickles.

    11. "Mother Chucker."


    This was basically designed for driving kids to school in L.A. traffic.

    12. "Funky Butt Loving!"

    20th Century Fox

    I don't know what this is, but I do know it's genius.

    13. Friends Non-Verbal Cursing Motions.


    For when you don't want your spouse to catch you.

    14. "D'OH!"

    20th Television

    By now we all know what this means.

    15. "Shitake Mushrooms."


    The perfect cover up for a slip up.

    16. "A Total Clustercuss."

    20th Century Fox

    Keep the kids confused for a few more years before they learn the real phrase.

    17. "Blerg."


    Nerd-speak for dammit.

    18. "Son of a Bee Sting."

    Dreamworks Pictures

    Ron Burgandy's take on a cussing classic.

    19. "Merlin's Beard!"

    Warner Bros.

    This J.K. Rowling-coined phrase can be a really powerful expletive when used correctly.

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