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31 Pregnancy Selfies That Are Stunningly Beautiful

These mamas know that feeling your look is the only way to glow. (Warning: Some nudity ahead.)

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1. Kim Kardashian's comfort with her pregnant body is a gift to women everywhere.

No stranger to sharing naked photos, Kim's recent hater-crushing belly-bearing nude reminded the world that pregnancy, and the way it changes the female body, is nothing to be ashamed of.

2. Every time a pregnant mama shares her ever-changing shape, my heart grows three sizes.

tbh, I'm surprised it hasn't exploded yet.


3. That's the silhouette of life right there.

5. Admire your shifting shape.

6. Let the sunshine dance off your bump.

7. That beautiful round belly is a thing to be celebrated.

8. Accentuate those curves.

10. Relish in the knowledge that even when you're relaxing, you're working.

It's no easy task to grow a human.


11. Celebrate your skin as it stretches to accommodate the baby inside of you.

13. Embrace the way you carry life.

14. Take in every glowing moment.

15. Revel in the soft and subtle ways giving life has shaped you.

16. It's okay to flaunt it.

17. Feel your look, share it with the world.

18. You know you're one fierce mama.

19. Let that beautiful belly out!

24. Maybe even decorate that belly.

26. You're making life, mama.

27. It's your greatest creative endeavor yet.

28. Your best collaboration.