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    19 Spooky STEM Projects For Kiddos This Halloween

    Baking soda ghost goes BOO(m).

    Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

    1. Build candy structures.

    All you need are toothpicks and gummy pumpkins. Encourage kids to build as high as they can, or just let their budding engineer skills lead the way! Read more on Lemon Lime Adventures. (Can also be done with apples!)

    2. Make Tea Bag Ghosts

    Teach your kids about convection and air pressure with these cool flying ghosts made from tea bags! For full instructions visit from Playdough to Plato.

    3. Make an apple volcano.

    Hollowed out apples (or gourds!) and baking soda might just BLOW your mind. Full instructions on Growing a Jeweled Rose.

    4. Create self-expanding ghosts!

    Vinegar + Baking Soda = Carbon Dioxide. Thus, balloon inflates! For full instructions visit Bitz & Giggles.

    5. Quench your thirst for blood.

    Red cells, white cells, platelets and plasma are all represented in this tactile activity for kiddos. Visit for details!

    6. Mix up some magnetic slime...

    It stretches, it dances, you can even blow bubbles with it. Find the recipe and instructions for magnetic slime at Frugal Fun 4 Boys.

    7. Have a lesson in density AND creepiness.

    Why does the paperclip sink, the lego levitate and the spider float? Science-Sparks has the answer (and step by step instructions).

    8. Discover the fun side of static electricity.

    Bats, ghosts, witch can get them all to fly following THESE INSTRUCTIONS from Inspiration Laboratories.

    9. Freak out your neighbors with a jar of alien eggs or eyeballs.

    Soaking raw eggs in vinegar overnight will dissolve the shell and result in some really spooky Halloween decor once the experiment is done. Extra spooks points if you draw veins on the eggs beforehand. Learn more at The Kitchen Pantry Scientist.

    10. Build a ghost geyser.

    Have you ever put marshmallows in the microwave? Well when you do it this way, the peep ghost actually fly before exploding. Visit Housing a Forest for details.

    11. Make a candy potion...or two.

    Create spooky tchotchkes using run of the mill halloween candy. To see how, visit Housing a Forest.

    12. Experiment with dry ice...

    Nothing says Halloween like a rolling fog and dry ice is the way to do it. For three great experiments involving the haunted house staple, visit My Kids Adventures.

    13. Play Brain Surgeon!

    Left Brain Craft Brain offers up three different creeptastic ways to teach your kids about the human brain and play mad scientist all at once.

    14. Engineer flying ghost rockets.

    Also from Growing A Jeweled Rose, a simple dose of Alka Seltzer will have these ghosts flying (at impressive speeds) in no time. Learn how, HERE.

    15. Make Vampire blood.

    Actually, it's freshly extracted chlorophyll that turns red under UV light. Spooky science! Visit Inspiration Laboratories to see how.

    16. Track your jack-o-latern's demise.

    Try out some long-term observation and keep a field journal like this one from Kid's Activities Blog.

    17. Make use of all that candy.

    Check out the effect four different liquids have on a candy pumpkin. Or a candy corn. Or anything else that rots your teeth. For the full experiment visit Lemon Lime Adventures.

    18. Create FRANKENWORMS.

    They move on their own. See the whole amazing experiment at The Kitchen Pantry Scientist.

    19. Explode a pumpkin!

    Rather than painstakingly carving out the face of your jack-o-lantern, try doing it the Steve Spangler way! (Or maybe just watch the video together.)

    Happy Halloween!