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    19 Spooky STEM Projects For Kiddos This Halloween

    Baking soda ghost goes BOO(m).

    1. Build candy structures.

    2. Make Tea Bag Ghosts

    Teach your kids about convection and air pressure with these cool flying ghosts made from tea bags! For full instructions visit from Playdough to Plato.

    3. Make an apple volcano.

    4. Create self-expanding ghosts!

    5. Quench your thirst for blood.

    Red cells, white cells, platelets and plasma are all represented in this tactile activity for kiddos. Visit for details!

    6. Mix up some magnetic slime...

    It stretches, it dances, you can even blow bubbles with it. Find the recipe and instructions for magnetic slime at Frugal Fun 4 Boys.

    7. Have a lesson in density AND creepiness.

    8. Discover the fun side of static electricity.

    9. Freak out your neighbors with a jar of alien eggs or eyeballs.

    10. Build a ghost geyser.

    11. Make a candy potion...or two.

    12. Experiment with dry ice...

    13. Play Brain Surgeon!

    14. Engineer flying ghost rockets.

    15. Make Vampire blood.

    16. Track your jack-o-latern's demise.

    17. Make use of all that candy.

    18. Create FRANKENWORMS.

    19. Explode a pumpkin!

    Happy Halloween!