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31 DIYs To Help You Throw The Best Slumber Party Ever

They didn't have sleepovers like this when we were kids.

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

1. Craft these adorably appropriate homemade invitations.

2. DIY these easy-to-make pup tents so each of your guests has their own space to slumber.

3. Hang these glitter balloons from the ceiling to provide a sparkling sky to fall asleep below.

Chunky glitter, sequins, and mod podge are all you need. And balloons, of course! Learn more here.

4. Get activities going with a balloon schedule that "pops" on the hour revealing what's on the agenda.

Keep the kids counting down to their next adventure!

5. Let your guests design their own pillow cases.

Learn more about this awesome craft — that they can take home with them — here.

6. You can set up an eye mask customization station, too.

Instructions HERE.

7. Here's another fun activity idea — make your own flavored lipgloss.

Coconut oil + Kool Aid = the ultimate lip gloss. Learn more here.

8. Set up a glam and rock n' roll photo booth.

Let your guests have a blast pretending to be Katy Perry or Taylor Swift (just not at the same time or there might trouble). See more at Kara's Party Ideas.

9. Hand out these easy-to-DIY ribbon wands, then turn up the tunes so the kids can have a twirl-tastic dance party.

Learn more about this idea here.

10. Set up a mini spa.

11. You can also help your guests make some natural facial masks for a night of healthy spa fun.

Make sure to check with parents for possible allergies beforehand. Recipes here.

12. Set up a station where kids can play musical manicures.

Ronnie Andren

When the music stops, the kids swap nail polish shades! Discover the party game here.

13. You can DIY this "Spin the Bottle" pedicure game, too.

Multi-colored toes all around. Learn more here.

14. Chalk the kids' hair so they reach maximum awesomeness.

This cool hair is temporary and easily washes out the next day. Instructions on Momfluential.

15. Transform your kitchen table into an amazing bed-themed dinette.

The perfect place to serve your guests dinner. Learn more here.

16. Show a movie outdoors on this DIY movie screen.

Find the how-to here.

17. Of course, every movie needs a popcorn bar.

18. ...Don't forget to provide personal lap trays!

19. Make a "toss and talk" ball to ensure the conversation never lags.

But who are we kidding? The conversation never lags at a slumber party. Learn more here.

20. Test your guests agility with a crepe paper maze.

It's like their own super spy laser maze! (Instructions here.)

21. When it gets late make the dark extra cool by setting out these iridescent lanterns you DIYed out of glow in the dark paint and mason jars.

22. You can mix up some glow in the dark bubbles, too.

Instructions at Growing a Jeweled Rose.

23. Heck, why not go all out and make it a blacklight party?

Just be sure you clean your house first, otherwise things could get awkward fast. More ideas here!

24. Serve pancake poppers as a midnight snack.

25. And then s'mores!

Served in personal trays, of course. Learn more here.

26. This cupcake fondue will blow minds, too.

27. One more midnight snack idea — fuzzy slipper cookies which are fun and easy to make.

Recipe here.

28. In the morning — because they still haven't gotten enough yumminess — you can set up a waffle bar.

More waffle bar ideas here.

29. Or go for individual cereal boxes with milk.

30. When the fun is over hand out dollar store fuzzy slippers for all!

31. Bonus points if you send guests home with toothbrushes, too — because after all those sweets they're going to need them!

Slumber party on!


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