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Serena Williams' Newborn Daughter Has Her Own Instagram And Is Serving Face

Probably not the only killer serve this girl will inherit from her mama.

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Hi. This is Serena Williams, needer of no introduction.

Instagram: @serenawilliams

::ovary twitch::

And, it's probs not news to you that Alexis Olympia Ohanian, Jr. has arrived on earth. The likely super human is the daughter of Queen Serena and her husband Alexis Ohanian, who co-founded this website called Reddit or something.

Proud papa shared the good news in an adorably appropriate way #onbrand.

But DID YOU KNOW that the heir to kicking ass and being awesome has her very own social media account already?

Alexis Ohanian

Because she totally does.


Oh, you're worried it's not a legit account, huh? ME TOO. But it is. Mama Serena tagged her baby in her own announcement post and Papa Alexis is already following the account (along with about 27,000 other people in a matter of days.)